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>> No.2  

Very Old Entries


~March 9th, 2016~

-Added Works page.
-Updated the hyperlinks on each of the main pages.
-Added more to the Links page.
-Added BBS.


~March 8th, 2016~

-Added the page you are viewing right now.
-Added Links and BBS (temporary, the BBS will have its own directory) pages.
-Added more to the About page.
-Updated Home, this isn't a meme site so no bones here.
**Donation page coming eventually, may probably not even be added.
**BBS at some point, maybe.
--I should really change the ascii art to something that looks better
on devices that don't have the Courier New font. Plus I really, really
don't want to use an image. Mainly because I really like the Web 1.0 feel
of text based websites, I find them rather comfy (and they load so much faster!).
--BBS page was almost 666 bytes when writing, dangers avoided.
--About time I came around to doing this.
--I actually started this yesterday, actually.


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